Gifu Women's University is located on the outskirts of Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture, in the very center of the Japanese Archipelago. Positioned in a semi-rural area, very conducive to concentrated learning, Gifu Women's University enjoys a good reputation for women's education, and has produced a great number of graduates during its half-century history. Those graduates in turn continue to play an active and important role in their respective communities.

In 2016, Gifu Women's celebrate its 70th anniversary since the founding of the Kayo Educational Institution, and the 50th anniversary of the university itself. At this milestone, the university wishes to open a new and diverse chapter in women's education.

Our mission and Vision

Gifu Women's University provides a first-class education for promising young women, and through partnerships with local businesses and communities, it aims to contribute to the prosperity of the region. Gifu Women's University aims to nurture leaders with a strong sense of public responsibility and a pioneering spirit; women who not only possess professional skills, but also a wide and diverse range of knowledge. Gifu Women's University aims to expand the boundaries of basic knowledge in compliance with the needs of its local society. Details of how Gifu Women's University ends ours to fulfill this mission can be found in the pages of this website.